Surveys Guide

Surveys are by far my favorite way to earn on Cashcrate. They are straightforward, easy to complete, and always pay! Although I quickly got the hang of offers, I know many members that struggle with them. Here are some tips to elevate your survey skills!
My Top 5 Surveys
1. Live Sample
2. SSI Surveys
3. Opinion Survey
4. GiveUsYour2Cents
5. Opinion Central

1. Watch out for control questions!

Control questions are those questions asked that you do not always spot, such as please select 4 for this row mixed in with lots of other rows of real questions. If you are having trouble with these, try the following tip. Read all of the questions before you start filling out the page. If there are any control questions, fill them out, and then proceed to finish the page. This should keep you from screening out for such a terrible reason!

2. Keep a Word Document

Since you can only take each survey every 24 hours, I like to keep a Word Document with the time I last completed a survey. Here is what mine looks like (yours could be different).

It is very simple, but keeps me from repeating surveys more than once in any 24 hour period.


I hope this guide has helped you with surveys. I hope to add even more Cashcrate tips soon!



  1. I’m from egypt but I know english as natives so why can’t I get surveys to make money ? is this fair ??


    • Daniel Teeling says:

      Hi Mariam. Most offers and surveys are targeted for the US. Unfortunately there aren’t many for Egypt.
      I would suggest you focus on getting referrals.

  2. I was wondering why survey head hasn’t confirmed for me yet. Nice site now I know why I couldn’t get the .com for my site :P It looks really good. You did a great job on this site and you rank 1 for cashcrate tips.
    click to see my cashcrate site

    • Daniel Teeling says:

      Survey head surveys can take up to 6 weeks to credit, they are approved in bulk about once a month!
      Sorry about beating you to the .com :P

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